Old Newspaper Articles Relating to Long Preston

These articles have been scanned, categorised and transcribed
by members of the Long Preston Heritage Group,
principally Frankie Wells, Catherine Fairhurst & Carol Bettridge.

These  Articles from newspapers currently cover the period 1798 to 1897.

The main galleries contains images of the Newspaper Articles in JPG format.

They are sorted into seventeen categories, which are contained in separate Galleries.

Within each category, the files are displayed in date order YYYY-MM-DD and appended with the
Reference Code for the  publication.

Some of the poorer quality images also have a transcription displayed alongside.


Navigation Instructions
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There is a separate page of links to Searchable Transcriptions, in PDF format,

to some of the articles. These PDFs are grouped by Category and by Publication.

Navigation though the Galleries

Navigation through the galleries is very straightforward

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When in the main viewing window there are several ways of moving through the images:

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Document Image Quality

The quality of the images of the documents in these galleries are dependent on the quality of the original printed document; some are difficult to read so where possible transcriptions have been added.

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Click here for a Table of Names which appear in the Newspaper Articles

& here for a List of the Publications from which the articles have been taken.