Geoff & Marie Grant

Geoffrey Grant was born at Malham and came to Long Preston at 17 to work on the railway. Marie Grant was a Bradley from Settle and came to Long Preston when they married 68 years ago. They have lived  ever since in Long Preston

Part A:  Geoff recounts his time with the Royal Engineers prior to being reallocated back to Hellifield due to a shortage of railwaymen. Memories of work, family life and food restrictions during the war.

Part B:  Geoff also worked at the Paper Mill at Settle and at the quarry and then as a postman with a round as far as Selside. Then returned to the Railway on maintenance, where he worked for the rest of his working life. Memories of the workings at the station and the various shops and trades in the village.

Part C:  They recount travelling on the railways and then by car and walking holidays in Scotland and Europe.

Part D:  Tales of problems with snow when working on the railway; being in charge of snowploughs, clearing points etc. Recalls several accidents on the line and various other tasks; such as getting fish parcels with the "Bonyface" train.

Part E:  Geoff talks about his progress on the railways and tells of a buried engine in the bog near Hellifield. Memories of buying their house, talking about his boss and of Geoffs' retirement do.

Part F:  Geoff reviews his range of jobs and experience on the railway including servicing the signal boxes and problems with fog.

Recorded:  March 2011