Robert Slater

Robert Slater was born in Long Preston in 1929.

Part A:  Robert talks about his childhood in Church Street. Memories of being at the school and the games they played around the village and up the beck. Recalls when the Hindenberg airship flew over the village.

Part B:  Robert relates his early working life as an apprentice plumber to Mr Throup, his National Service in the Army, and then working again as a plumber. Penine Buses were the main means of local transport, the train being used for holidays at Morecombe.

Part C:  Attended the many dances in the village & surrounding areas; he helped Arthur Throup with the Ribble Band. The football and cricket teams were very popular, also the bowling green ice skating on Gallaber pond and on the bottoms.

Part D:  Robert married Jeane in 1950 whilst on leave from the army. They have always lived in Paradise Square and their children were born in village. Talks in detail about the various shops and trades in the village. Recalls the doctors in the village, especially Dr Clegg.

Part E:  Robert remembers wartime in the village, with evacuees from Bradford and London, and the hard working Land Girls.  Tales of the Home Guard and bombs in Back Lane and a crashed bomber.

Part F:  Memories of Christmas, food and toys. Robert relates how he has always kept village photographs and documents; an interest which had started with his father, and which he has enjoyed sharing with the Heritage Group.

Recorded: September 2011