Ellis Wilson

Ellis Wilson was born in Hellifield in 1929. He lived there till he got married and moved to Long Preston where he lived all his adult life at Bridge End. He worked on the railway progressing from a loco cleaner to being an engine driver.

Part A:  When Ellis and his wife got married they lived in rented accommodation before moving to a house at Bridge End. Ellis Worked at Hellifield engine sheds till they were closed by Dr Beeching. He then went to work on the railways at Skipton where he stayed for 31 years till he retired; progessing from starting as a cleaner through to being an engine driver.

Part B:  Talks about  all the shops in Long Preston and early accommodation with a young family.

Part C:  Ellis talks about using trains for travel.
Relates memories of firing and then driving locos, with tales of various incidents on the railway.

Part D:  Explains how diesel engines were easier than steam locos as the later required a lot of hard work. When driving locos you need to have detailed knowledge of the route. Tells of problems with bad weather. When steam was being phased out by British Rail this area had all the old locos. Memories of some bad accidents in the region. Recalls  how "Roadsters" used to call occasionally at his home and tells of the hazards of walking to and from work in the dark.

Part E:  Talks about the houses at Bridge End, and the various entertainments in the village. Ellis was a member of the snooker and played in the surrounding areas. Tells how football & cricket were popular in the village and everyone turned out to watch.

Recorded:  March 2011